We have heard the community.

Distribution Phase

We will move the beginning of the ZLOT distribution in order to assure our community that we don’t have any malicious intention. Once the Timelock smart contract is deployed, we will provide a 24 hours countdown for everyone to prepare for the ZLOT distribution.

There is no exact timeline regarding the beginning of the distribution, but we estimate it will take 2–4 days until the distribution phase begins.

Still, we have some good news to you…

ZLOT became the first staking pool to acquire a Staking Lot

zHEGIC token holders are already accruing fees from the first Staking Lot and we are in progress to acquire the second Staking Lot.


What do you need to know to participate in the launch?

Launch of the V2 pool

We have launched the product, you can interact with it through our site at https://zlot.finance/. The protocol has:

  • a performance fee of 10%.
  • a withdrawal fee of 0.3% (only if the balance is withdrawn before the 24 hours cooldown).

The cooldown period and the withdrawal fee parameters are only going to be activated after the first staking lot is acquired. Before this, users will be able to withdraw at any time with no cost.

After this period, if a Staking Lot is bought and there is not enough reserves on the idle balances of the pool, the user will have…

Introducing zHEGIC and ZLOT

The protocol has 2 tokens:
- zHEGIC, the share of the pool.
- ZLOT, the governance token.


This token allows the protocol to track the share and performance of the staking lots within zLOT’s pool. When the pool is launched, the zHEGIC exchange rate begins at 1 zHEGIC = 1 HEGIC and the exchange rate increases equal to the protocol performance.

Introducing zLOT Finance

zLOT Finance is the first staking protocol built upon Hegic

The Protocol

Staking Lots are the only participants able to earn 100% of settlement fees in ETH and WBTC generated by the Hegic’s protocol, there are currently only 27 addresses eligible to buy at least a staking lot.

ZLOT Finance looks forward to further democratize the access to the staking lots by pooling $HEGIC tokens within smaller holders in order for everyone to benefit from the settlement fees generated by the Hegic’s protocol. Users can deposit $HEGIC on the HegicPool.sol contract in order to acquire zHEGIC, the tokenized share of the pool.

The protocol requires 888,000 $HEGIC to initialize buyStakingLot and generate…

zLOT Finance

The first staking protocol built upon Hegic

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